Why is a lookbook is crucial to your marketing strategy?

Your products are stylish and your brand is beginning to attract an enthusiastic audience, you’re starting to get genuine enquiries from potential prospects left right and centre. 

This is great news!

But you’re filled with shame when you send them an amateur in-house word file with all your wholesale prices in a document that lacks any style or sophistication. 

What if I told you there was a simple and cost effective way to impress those potential buyers? Because let’s face it, boring static pages of endless lists of products won’t cut the mustard to reel in those highly desired volume accounts! 

You need to be able to entice them to learn more about what you have to offer and get them to place that order!

I hear you say – show me the money!

You need a lookbook! This article will help you on your way, we’ll explore how this simple marketing tool is going to showcase your products in a new visual way and what exactly to include in it. Plus I’ll show you a collection of gorgeously designed lookbook examples AND a handy guide for you to download free!

What is a Lookbook?

A look book is a collection of photos showcasing your products. These are compiled neatly in a booklet to help you promote a particular product or product line. It’s a visual way of creatively guiding your prospects through your collections.

Why is lookbook crucial to my marketing strategy?

  • Use it to entice potential leads and email opt-ins. A lookbook will introduce a potential prospect to your brand and products without coming across too “salesy”,  you want to entice your potential prospects by warming them up to make a purchase. Allow them to see your latest product ranges, and pricelists in return for an email address.
  • Use it to nurture your existing prospects. Don’t stop at just one lookbook. You can make various lookbooks based on new seasons, which is the perfect way to keep prospects in the loop with your brand. Introduce new styles or new product lines.
  • It further reiterates your brand personality and awareness.  While prospects can’t actually touch or try your products, it helps to create a visual appeal, so make sure you include your brand’s personality and story into your lookbook. A printed version of your lookbook also shows that you are serious about your business and have invested time and money into the displaying of your products.
  • Use it as a marketing tool.  Email marketing has become one of the most effective and easiest ways of marketing so create an email marketing campaign to increase more traffic and leads. Further to this, share it on social media  sites such as LinkedIn Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, reach out to your brand ambassadors or bloggers in your niche to review of share your lookbook. Consumers love a promotional code or coupon, so consider adding one somewhere within the lookbook itself or as a seperate promotion.

What Do I Include In My Lookbook?

When creating a lookbook, there are various pages you need to include:

  • FRONT COVER: The front page is the main attention grabber, select a hero image that best displays what your new line, or gives the prospect a sneek peek of what’s inside. It’s vital that the page is visually appealing and sets the tone for your look. It should feature a captivating image, the brand name, and a tagline that describes how your product will benefit them.
  • PROUCT SHOWCASE: Showcase a range of products that are “best sellers” or the ones you’ve decided to show the majority of prospective buyers. You can include some captions below, but try to let the product images speak for themselves, a lookbooks purpose is to show off a product through the image itself. You might even want to reserve some pages for “full page image spreads” so that they create an impressive WOW impact on your reader.
  • TESTIMONIALS: What better way to further encourage prospective buyers than by first hand reviews from current prospects? Try to include at least two, if you currently don’t have any, thats OK, work on getting some from previous / current prospects, or once you’ve hooked your first one, politely ask for one so you can include it in your next lookbook. This is also a perfect place to include any media features your business has had, or product award logos.
  • ABOUT US: Here is your chance to tell your story, give us some insight into the “person” behind the brand, and explain what you love about your products and business. Personalise this section by including a professional headshot image of yourself, or your working environment.
  • CONTACT US: Make is super easy for your prospects to contact you after they have spent time looking through your lookbook. Include email, phone number, website and any social media accounts.

Putting it all together.

Your brand deserves the best professional help you can afford, after all you want to present it and be super proud of it right? So don’t skimp on professional help you’ll need a creative team. Invest in professional product photography, copywriters, printers and a skilled graphic designer to pull it all together.

Create a digital copy of your lookbook for email opt-ins and to share in places such as LinkedIn

Invest in getting some professionally printed so you can hand out hard copies at gift fairs, this gives the prospective supplier the opportunity to browse through it properly at their own leisure. Keep a copy on hand as you never know who you might meet on your travels. 

Need some assistance?

I’ve created many lookbooks for multiple industries such as jewellers, corporate gifting and service based industries just to name a few, you can create a lookbook for just about anything! I’d love to help you out too!

Download my FREE workbook below and together we can create a visual showcase of your products or services that will attract customers, secure more leads, sales and get your brand noticed!

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