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You understand the importance of giving a positive impression with your website graphics. But what about your words too? The written content on your website can make or break a sale just like your colour scheme, logo and product photos can. It’s for this reason that you need to hire a copywriter to create the content for your site!

Jackie Procter

Spotty Lizard – Your Web Copywriter

Hi, I’m Jackie – the chief web copywriter at Spotty Lizard. It’s my job to create website content which not only ranks well in search engines but which also resonates with your target audience. By writing content they like and want, I can help persuade them to complete the action you want. This could be to purchase your product, contact you for more information or join your email newsletter list. 

As a web copywriter, it’s my job to make your words as appealing as Janelle makes your graphics. I do this by:

  • Identifying exactly what you need – are you wanting a landing page to which people arrive from a Google ad? Or are you needing to get more traffic from search engines? I’ll find out why you are needing a specific piece of content written, be it a blog or a web page, then ask what you want the person to do upon reading it.
  • Understanding your business and industry – I write for many different businesses, some of which I have no personal experience with (such as one of my favourites, mining in Australia). To successfully write content for this industry, I needed to do plenty of research about it. This research is included in the rate I charge my clients and means they don’t need to worry about whether I’ve written for their industry before or not. When I’ve finished researching, I’ll write content on your industry which sounds like I’ve been working in it for years.
  • Finding the best keywords and phrases – I’ll spend time identifying what the keywords people are using in a search engine to find your specific product or service. I’ll then create great on page SEO content for you.

Hiring a copywriter is the same thing as hiring a graphic designer. We’re both professionals, both specialise in a specific area when it comes to helping business owners and we both create content aimed specifically at your target market. Sure, you can write your own copy, just like you could make your own logo – but before you do, let me explain why you should avoid the DIY route and use a web copywriter.

Why You Should Hire a Copywriter

Now you know what I do, it’s also important that you understand why you should hire a web copywriter. Well, there are plenty of reasons, including:

  • Providing you with a professional result – text which is error free, reads well and is targeted for your specific audience
  • Freeing you up to concentrate on better stuff – you’re an expert at running your business. A copywriter is an expert at writing content. Stick to what you’re good at to achieve maximum productivity.
  • You’re emotionally involved in your business – often it’s hard to see things from a different point of view, including what your customers want to see. A copywriter will spot what needs to be said and say it.
  • A web copywriter knows about SEO – search engine optimisation is a huge topic and confuses many people. While it’s important to understand what it is and how it works, you don’t need to learn it inside out. Leave that to your copywriter!

Thanks to Janelle for letting me share this article with you and thanks to you for reading it! Feel free to check out my copywriting website for more information about what I do, and get in touch to book me for your web content too.