When Choosing a New Logo, Whose Opinions Matter?

Your graphic designer has created you a new logo and asked for your feedback. Should you look at it on your own, or send it to others to ask for their thoughts on it? Today we discuss the importance of limiting the feedback you seek from other people when choosing a new logo.

Seeking Feedback On Your New Logo

It’s an exciting time when you open an email from your graphic designer which contains mockups of your new logo! It’s so exciting that you want to share them all with the world and ask them what they think. After all, the more opinions on your logo the better, right? 

Wrong. While it’s true that the opinions of your family, friends and even your business’ customers are important, it’s not their thoughts you should be relying upon. When it comes to your business’ logo, it’s the opinions of the final decision makers which matter the most, and that means you. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask anyone for feedback, but rather that you’re selective about whom you ask. 

Before you let others see your mockup logos, make up your own mind on them first. This is a crucial step to take because once you ask others for their opinions, yours will sub-consciously change upon receiving their feedback. So, you must first decide:

  • On the mockup concept you like the best
  • Which shapes are your favourite
  • If it conveys a clear message about your business
  • Any colour or font changes you’d like made
  • If you can picture using the logo for your business
  • If it reflects your business’ values
  • Checking it for uniqueness amongst your competitors
  • If it is memorable

Once you’ve jotted down your ideas, it’s fine to ask others for their opinion on your new logo. However, before you do, take a moment to stop and think. You need to be selective in choosing people who know you and your business well, whose opinions you trust and who will give you genuine and descriptive feedback with reasons as to why they thought that. In this way, you can receive great feedback which you can either take on board or place aside.

Next comes the sharing of your feedback with your graphic designer. Try and keep it specific, clear and simple. The better and more descriptive your feedback, the better they can edit your logo. With the logo designs I create, I offer my clients two to three concepts and then two rounds of revisions upon their favourite logo concept. If I am unable to correctly interpret your feedback, further revisions may be required at an additional cost.

I’d love to help design your new logo! Take a look at some of the feedback I’ve received from my clients and then get in touch! I look forward to learning more about your business!