What is a Brand Style Guide?

Also known as a style guide or a brand style guide, a brand style is a blueprint which sets out how a brand should be look across numerous mediums. It can contain information about:

  • Inspiration mood board
  • Brands key words, emotions & feelings
  • Primary logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Additional graphic elements
  • Colour palette used
  • Typography (fonts) used
  • Application (how to use the files correctly)
Brand style guide mood board example

Bonus for working with me: I now print these guides off and send them your way when we’re done! You get a beautifully printed book all about your brand. Hard work pays off!

So in other words, a brand style guide is a valuable tool for any business! It helps you to keep your visual branding consistent regardless of where you use it, which is vital at increasing the visibility and loyalty of your brand amongst customers.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Style

Having a well-developed brand style guide will ensure: 

  • Consistency – in the online world, there are already so many changes it’s hard to keep up with everything. Having a consistent visual message for your brand ensures that customers can quickly recognise your business and develop a relationship with it. It’s a great tool to be able to give other members of your team and when outsourcing, so everyone remains on the same page.
  • Set standards – a brand style will dictate how you want your business promoted, such as where to use what size logo or use which font. Once again this delivers a consistent message.
  • Instantly recognisable –to grow brand awareness, you need to use your brand colours, fonts, logos and themes all the time. Your brand style guide sets this information out clearly.

When should a style guide be created? The best time is at the start of a new brand creation or rebrand for your business. I’d love to help create you a fabulous visual brand for your business.

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