In this post I will be taking you through my branding process step by step. I hope it gives you an insight into the care and attention that goes into producing a brand that represents the quality of your business.

When we work together, this is the process we’ll go through. A LOT of care and attention goes into producing the visuals for your brand. Much thought is poured into creating design that represents the value of your business.

1. The Design Brief: The client is initially provided with a branding questionnaire to fill in and complete, this helps the designer gather more details about your project such as your timeframe, intended usage, creative vision and want to achieve with your branding.

Hint: See my blog on “How To Prepare For Your New Brand Design

Research and Brainstorm: Often the client will’ve already thought about the type of style they want, and create their own Pinterest board or word document with visual examples. A picture really is worth a 1000 words to a designer so this provides the perfect foundation for any project. Once a sufficient amount of information has been gathered, the designer will create a brand mood board with relevant themes, styles, images, colours and fonts.

2. Concept Presentation: Once sufficient time has been spent on research the draft production process begins using the mood board initially created as inspiration. Concepts begin to form, colour and styles added and further tweaked until they accurately represent the client’s design brief. I often take a step away from the design before sending it through to the client, which gives me the chance to return to it with a fresh perspective.

3. Client Feedback: Now that your concepts have been created, it’s time to get the clients feedback. Often the branding will be delivered contextually in order for the client envision how it will look on a piece of collateral in real life. At this point, the client should consider the ideas and reply with changes that may be required, these are taken into consideration and revisions are made accordingly. The improved design is resent and revisions will continue until the client is 100% satisfied with the final product.

5. Final Delivery: After the project has been approved, it’s time to deliver the final designs.
The client will be provided with all their relevant brand files and a style guide. My brand style guide is a blueprint which sets out how a brand should be look across numerous mediums. It contains information about your brand’s typography, colours, watermarks, logo variations, file types. Everything you need to keep your branding looking clean and consistent.

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