How to Choose Your Perfect Brand Colours

Have you ever stopped to think about the power your brand colours hold? Or considered about the meaning each colour gives to your customers? When it comes to choosing the best brand colours, there is more to it than picking ones you like! Research has shown that 85% of consumers use colour as their biggest motivator on whether or not to purchase a product. This means as a business owner, the colours you pick for your brand matter! Today I’m going to be explaining the meanings behind popular colours and sharing a few tips on how to select the perfect colours for your brand.

What Do Your Brand Colours Mean?

The power colours hold should never be underestimated. They can make us feel energised, relaxed, hungry or inspired. Through the centuries, colours have been associated with different people and events too. For instance, purple is often related to royal clothing, while white is associated with the health industry. 

Colours play upon our emotions, our past experiences and our knowledge, depending on how they are used. If we see a group of people wearing black, chances are we’re thinking someone has died and we feel sad. However, black used on a lawyer’s website is likely to bring forth feelings of power, edginess and sophistication. 

Before you start selecting colours for your brand, you should have a solid understanding of the way you want your brand to look and feel. Once you are clear on that, then take a look at these common colour meanings:

  •     Red — excitement, anger, passion
  •     Orange — playful, vitality, friendly, happy 
  •     Yellow — playful, cheerful, youthful, accessible, warning 
  •     Green — versatile, stable, prosperous 
  •     Blue — tranquil, open, trustworthy, mature, professional, formal, secure
  •     Purple — luxury, creative, royal 
  •     Pink — luxurious, feminine, youthful, innocent
  •     Brown — serious, old-fashioned, rugged, earthy
  •     White — healthy, youthful, economic, clean, virtuous
  •     Gray — neutral, subdued
  •     Black — slick, modern, powerful, sophisticated, edgy

5 Tips On Choosing Your Brand Colours?

Now you’ve got an understanding of the types of colours which relate well and personify your brand; it’s time to make a decision about which ones to use. Here are five tips to help you do just that:

  • Less is best – stick with two to three main colours. Any more and your brand colours will not be easily identifiable.
  • Add an accent colour – this can be used with your main colours, to ‘pop’ out and get noticed.
  • Ask for advice sparingly – as a graphic designer, I’m often asked for my advice on brand colours. This is a better decision than asking all your family and friends, as their answers are likely to be contradicting and confusing.
  • Pair warm colours with cool colours for a balanced colour scheme.
  • Make sure your chosen colours match the mood of your brand!

I’d love to help you pick and refine the colours for your brand. Whether it is a start-up business or an existing one in need of a rebrand, I’m here to help! Send me a message and let’s get busy!