CLIENT: Curbside Cafe
JOB TYPE: Brand Styling, Vehicle Graphics
SKILLS REQUIRED: Branding, Logo Design, Print Collateral, Vehicle Design

About The Company | Meet Gisborne’s Food Truck! The Curbside Cafe, who offer delicious food from boutique burgers to Mexican chilli dishes and fair trade coffee. This gourmet joint continue to keep things fresh, tasty and all made from scratch. Their regular haunts are Gisborne and Tolaga Bay. And also available for private function hirage. Keep an eye out on their Facebook and Instagram page each week to see where they will be. 

Brand Voice | Vintage, eclectic, retro, unique, boutique, fair trade, organic.

Collateral completed | Brand styling, stationery, signage, vehicle signage graphics.

From The Owner – Verity  

“I have a life-long love of all things foodie. The great thing about food love is it is never unrequited. I love a proper Italian Pizza and in return it gives me that warm, cheesy induced coma that never fails to follow another couple of slices. I was once told “a chef who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch!”

An English farmers daughter, I grew up on home cooked stews, hearty vegetables and my own pets (okay well not quite, but you get it…real local produce!). I then crossed the ditch and learnt to cook (and drink Guinness) in Ireland and continued travelling the world.

My love for travel is unquestionable! I adore going to new places, meeting new people and trying out their local recipes. Trips to India, South East Asia and South America have heightened my appreciation for REAL FOOD. 

Three years on the East coast of New Zealand, I have finally been able to combine my love of food, travel and with the help of dear old Darcy…retro camper vans! Ever since a little girl, I had cut outs of retro camper vans stuck on my bedroom wall, with dreams of one day having my very own. A recent trip to windy Wellington saw me returning with the perfect little truck!

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