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8 Inexpensive Branded Packaging Ideas to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

Do you have an online businesses? Are you shipping packages all over the world daily? If the answer is yes, then you might be missing a significant marketing opportunity! The shipped package represents the most direct touch point and connection with your customer. It also happens to be one of the most under-utilised marketing opportunities. A simple sticker, postcard, personalised note, business card or coupon code, is an enticing way to attract that customer back again. It’s also an inexpensive way of adding small branded promo pieces to your package. 

Inexpensive custom printed tissue paper from No Issue

“Customers are more likely to share an image of a delivery via social media if it comes in a unique package.”

In this article, we will learn about the importance of branded packaging, along with simple ideas you can use to deliver an unforgettable and exciting experience for your customers.  

Let’s take a look below at eight cost-effective ways you can achieve this.

8 Inexpensive Branded Packaging Ideas

Below we are going to explore eight ways of creating a well-designed branded packaging and unboxing experience. Don’t feel like you have to include each one, but rather consider and decide on a few that you think will deliver the best experience and value for your customers. 

• Sticker – A sticker can be used in multiple ways. They are a straightforward, effortless and inexpensive way of adding value to your package. For example, if you use tissue paper to wrap your product neatly, a branded sticker can be used to seal the tissue paper together. Or if you send your products in an unbranded box or envelope, you can avoid expensive custom printing on your packaging as an alternative option to brand it. 

Custom printed logo stickers

• Custom Note – As a start-up, or small business, a lot can be said for including a handwritten note to customers. It provides that personal touch that makes people aware that there is a real person behind the brand.

Postcard with a space for a personalised handwritten note

• Business Card – A business card doesn’t have to be a business card in the traditional sense of displaying just your business information. They are also a very inexpensive way of adding small branded promo piece to your package. Maybe you could add a code that gives the recipient a discount on their next order or free shipping. Try adding an extra one that they can give to their friend to help with word of mouth marketing. If you’re in the market for something extra fancy, Moo.com offer affordable smaller runs of luxury paper stocks and finishing such as gold foil, letterpress, spot gloss and raised gloss just to name a few. Check out all their options here.

• Promotional Material – This could be a postcard that you leave space for writing your custom note on the back of, a flyer introducing a new product to the customer, a quick care/instructions card about the product or a brochure about your business and what you offer. The possibilities are endless and inexpensive.

• Custom Mailer – We all know that first impressions count, and with so many companies now offering affordable branded packaging options it makes sense to make the most of every opportunity to get your name out there, and impress those customers! Branded mailers are sure to make your business stand out from the rest, there are lots of eco-friendly options such as stone mailer bags from Stone Paper Packaging and 100% compostable options from NoIssue.

Custom printed mailer bags from NoIssue.

• Tissue Paper – I am a huge fan or custom printed tissue paper. Using tissue adds an extra level of mystery and excitement for the unboxing experience. You can find tissue paper in many colours at your local emporium that doesn’t cost the earth. Choose a colour that matches in with your branding, or you could take it to the next level and invest in some custom printed tissue. For this I would also recommend NoIssue.

• Sample – When I receive a free sample in my order, I really feel like that company values me by giving me more than what I had expected. Not only is it a nice surprise for your customer, but it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to a new product.

• Gift – A small gift can be a great way to surprise and delight customers as well as increase the overall experience. You can pop it in their package as an added extra, or use it an incentive to entice people to spend over a certain amount. It is a great way to move some old stock that may be slow on the shelves or coming to the end of its shelf life.

Need Some Help with Your Branded Packaging?

Take some time to reassess your branded packaging. Think about what you can do to deliver a better experience to your customers; one that compels them to come back and share their experience. Using my extensive knowledge in print and design, we can work together to make your business unboxing experience memorable, shareable and leaves your customers delighted!

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