When you were just a small start up business, you probably didn’t have a big budget to spend on design, so you opted for a DIY solution or hired an affordable designer. But now your business has outgrown its newborn stage and you want to take things to the next level. You want to offer your clients a more valuable and higher quality experience.

Sound right? Then read on!

In this day and age, youre not only competing with local businesses but global ones too, so having consistent branding needs some serious attention.

Here’s how you can make your business stand out, grab your customersattention, and be memorable without breaking the bank.

“Studies have shown that consumers value brand consistency for its personal and emotional assurances.”

Below are 5 Simple Ways To Maintain Brand Consistency

1. Typography – Fonts are a necessary component of your business branding, but unfortunately, many business owners frequently overlook the importance of typography in their business. They make the all too common error using every new font they come across on Creative Market (I know, I know they are all so pretty!) creating confusion within their branding. I suggest you choose a max of three complimentary fonts and stick to them. Once you have selected your font set, take note and use them for ALL your communications such as social media, website and print collateral (if you’ve had professional branding completed by a graphic designer, this information should be in your brand style guide).

For more info on fonts, take a read of my post “The Importance of Typography in Your Business.”

2. Colours – Have you ever stopped to think about the power your brand colours hold? Or considered the meaning each colour gives to your customers? When it comes to choosing the best brand colours, there is more to it than picking ones you like! Research has shown that 85% of consumers use colour as their biggest motivator on whether or not to purchase a product. This means as a business owner, the colours you pick for your brand matter!

Check out my blog post about Colour Psychology and how to choose colours to communicate your brand message to clients.

3. White Space – Never underestimate the power of white space (negative space), it surrounds the other design elements and is the background that holds the elements together in a design, enabling them to stand out. Don’t be afraid of white space around your text, images and columns. It’s an absolutely necessary element to make your designs look premium and professional.

Check out my branding and packaging design for Le Edit, where white space is essential to giving it an exclusive and luxurious feel.

4. Quality Images – High-quality stock photography can make or break the level of professionalism people perceive your business as having. It’s a lot easier to find high-quality images than it was before, so you don’t have to be a photographer. Use sites like Creative Market or Moyo (my two faves) to find images that resonate with your brand. They’re all high-quality and very economical.

Check out my blog post for my 7 Top Stock Photography Websites for Business Owners.

5. Brand Style Guide – Last but not least, always refer to your brand style guide. If you don’t have one, contact a designer to put one together for you. Also known as a style guide, a brand style is a blueprint which sets out how a brand should look across numerous mediums. It can contains information about fonts, colours, patterns, graphics and application. It’s a valuable tool for any business! It helps to keep your visual branding consistent regardless of where you use it, which is vital at increasing the visibility and loyalty of your brand amongst customers.

Now, if you’ve read this post and you know your branding isn’t on point and you do nothing…You’re consciously sabotaging your business potential. It’s time to fly.

UP YOUR BRANDING GAME. Book in a free chat and let’s bring on your branding A-game.


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