When you’re in your own home rather than a regular office environment, there are many distractions that may stop or reduce your ability to get things done. Without the discipline of physically working around others and being directly supervised, there’s plenty to distract you.

Having worked from home for many years, I understand just how tempting other activities are, when I first started my business I’d be distracted by so many things like all the laundry laying around, going to fetch the mail so I could get some sun, feeding the animals so I felt like I had someone to talk too (hey don’t judge). Over time I started to iron out the distractions, and put practices in place to ensure I got the most out of my working hours available to me week to week.

Today I’m sharing ten of my top tips on staying focused while working from home with you!

Top 10 Tips on Staying Focused When Working from Home

Here’s my top ten tips on beating the distractions of the washing, dishes and Netflix when working from home:

  • Set a specific time each week to prep meals and get as much house cleaning done each week. Saturday mornings are when I try to do the majority of my house work, hubby and I both plan meals together so there’s one less thing we need to think about at the end of each day.
  • Find a quiet place, designate it as your workspace, and personalise it! It should be attractive enough that you feel comfortable and motivated to work there.
  • Keep sitting or standing upright when working. While the temptation is to lie down on the bed or sofa, that’s not something you would have done if you’d been in an external workplace. Home is your workplace, so make your body behave like it.
  • Get dressed in something comfortable for work. I’m not suggesting a full-on pant suit if that’s not really your jam, but once again, as great as staying in your pjs may feel initially, they’re not motivating or productive workwear. Mentally I need to be prepared, so for me thats being dressed, teeth brushed and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Sometimes I’ll need to rush out the door to a meeting, or to the post office and I want to be ready for whatever comes my way.
  • Create deadlines and stick with them. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of pressure and stress to increase your productivity. I plan my week on Sunday evening so that I have a clear idea of deadlines.
  • Any electronic distractions need to be turned off. This includes social media, the radio, TV and phone.
  • Let your family know your work hours and your expectations of them when you are at work. There should also be time set aside in your day to spend with your family, as a work life balance is so important. 
  • Use a diary or calendar. Break your work tasks down into what you need to complete each day, week, month etc. Prioritise which tasks are most important to complete, then schedule your work and your breaks. Each day I have a to-do list, and I cross these off as I complete them so I feel like I am getting stuff done.
  • Reward yourself when you meet your goals. It’s great to have incentives for working hard. I’ll put money away to get my hair done, or treat myself in someway as an incentive.
  • Take time out to get some exercise during the week, whether it’s a gym session or a simple walk around the block to clear your head.

At the end of the day,
I love what I do,
I’m good at it,
it helps people,
and it makes me money.

Working from home gives you the advantage that you can stop with short notice if needed, and this is a bonus if you have children as we all know they can be extremely unpredictable. Just like in an external workplace, things happen and don’t always go to plan. Just remember not to sweat the small stuff, and read these tips again to get you back on track quickly! 

I’d love to hear your tips on working from home, drop them in the comments section below!